Hello. Welcome to our blog that we will share lots of things about Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We are here to make your life easier and help. Before everything, we would like to mention a few key points.

We Are Not Healthcare Professionals

Please do not forget that very important point. livingwithms.me blog content, posts, graphics, and other related things are strictly and only for informational purposes. The content is not intended to replace healthcare professionals’ consultations, diagnoses, and treatments. After reading this blog, please never think about delaying or not contacting healthcare professionals. This blog and its content are provided to the public “as-is”.

We Use Scientific Approach

Not being a healthcare professional does not mean that we are away from science. We follow scientific papers, clinical trials, and trends. We will run this blog using scientific material. Thus, if you are looking for a miraculous treatment, you are at the wrong place 🙂

Do I Have MS?

MS is on the rise in the 21st century. Unfortunately, people connect lots of symptoms to MS. This or another blog, websites can not diagnose MS. We recommend everybody to consult healthcare professionals and not delaying it.

A Disease That is Like a Journey

You will often read the word journey in this blog. MS is a unique disease. Your journey starts with doubts and becomes formal with your diagnosis. With some friends, you will have an easier journey. Right people can make your life better.

As Strong As Research More

You can rest assured that the more you know about MS and your body, your life quality will be better. Once you are strong enough, you will have much better mental health. We are here to help with your research.

We Respect Your Privacy

Your information is truly yours. Please visit our privacy policy page for more information.

Comments Are Welcome on Posts

We respect all religions, political views, sexual orientations. We just want to talk about MS. By adopting a similar approach, you may help more people.

Accessibility Helpers

Clicking the wheelchair icon on the upper right corner will show the helpers. If you need any more assistance, please let us know.

English is not our mother tongue 🙂

Self-explanatory. There will be small mistakes, typos, etc. Please feel free to help us.

Welcome, and we are glad that you are reading this. Together, not alone…

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