Covid-19 and MS

Covid-19 and MS – Covid-19 is a deadly virus that affects the whole world. The good news is Multiple Sclerosis MS does not make us more vulnerable. We just need to take care of different things.

Increased Fatality Risk

The following MS patients are at an increased risk for a severe Covid-19 case:

  • Progressive MS (PPMS) patients
  • MS patients aged 60 or more
  • Male MS patients
  • Black and South Asian MS patients
  • Mobility handicapped MS patients (EDSS 6 or more)
  • MS patients with obesity, diabetes, heart/lung problems
  • MS patients on a disease-modifying treatment

Should I Get Vaccinated?

We already know those mRNA vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech ve Moderna) are safe and effective for the general public.

Since these vaccines are relatively new, there is no specific research for MS patients. Therefore, you should carefully consider risks/rewards with health professionals.

MS Drugs and Vaccines

Unfortunately, MS affects our immune system. Because of that immune response creating vaccines have the risk potential. More research will be made in the future about the safety of these new vaccines. Please consult health professionals.

EMD Serono, Inc. released a statement about their interferon beta 1a drug Rebif:

Treatment decisions are personal and should be made between an MS patient and their healthcare teams, so please reach out to a neurologist or medical professional with questions.

Genentech USA released a similar statement for their Ocrevus drug:

Please speak with your doctor or healthcare team before stopping or delaying treatment, as we believe that treatment decisions are personal and should be made between you and your healthcare team. Your doctor will be able to assess the benefits and risks specific to your overall health situation.

Covid-19 and MS and Hospitals

Unsurprisingly, you should not go to hospitals unless you absolutely have to. If you are experiencing a relapse and in need of treatment, you may consider getting treated home. Oral steroid therapy is as effective as intravenous therapy. Therefore, please consider risks/rewards with your health professionals.

Covid-19 ve MS
Covid-19 and MS – A Covid-19 patient next to you? No…

In Summary

Covid-19 and vaccines are new. Even for decades-old MS drugs, scientists discover new side effects years after.  With that in mind, always consult your health professionals for risks/rewards. We will continue to follow Covid-19 and MS-related news.

Rebif is a trademark of EMD Serono, Inc. Ocrevus is a trademark of Genentech USA.

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